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Quality management system in Bulgarian Industrial Group throughout design and build process, apart from inspection and testing includes quality planning, each phase results documentation, and quality reporting. We are aiming at continuous improvement of our processes based on the facets of ISO-9001 standard. The performers of the separate manufacture operations do the inspections initially and the complex and high precision measurements are made in the Quality department. The assembled modules goes through trial and acceptance run to prove the conformity to customer's requirements, before the mass production run. The other aspect of quality assurance activity is periodically performed measuring equipment calibration to maintain the accuracy level and trace ability to the relevant national standard of measures.
Quality documents stored on a server and are accessible for all members of the company. Our infrastructure provides fast exchange of engineering and manufacturing information at any phase of development and build processes.
We provide guarantee and non-guarantee maintenance and support of our products. Our experts will meet with attention any problem aroused in the use of our production.
We offer consultation in solving specific problems for particular projects.






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