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What is it?
Quite simply, it's a smooth, comfortable, gliding wrist rest. Resting between your palm and wrist, your PUK slides around whilst you use your computer mouse, supporting your wrist, elevating it to the height it should be.

The Top
The super comfy, squashy bit, made from thermoplastic elastomer, a hybrid breed of plastic and rubber.
This supersoft grade is specially designed to make your wrist feel at home when using your computer...

The Base
The important slippery part! This is made from a self-lubricating, lightweight, durable, low wear & friction plastic, developed by DuPont as an alternative to metal. PUK's prominent feet slip and slide with your wrist across the table, maximizing the self-lubricating properties of this type of material.

The Benefits
It won't change your life but it will make your computer-love-time more comfortable.

No more aching wrists and palms! Your PUK means you're not letting your wrist rest on a solid surface where the mouse is, instead it is sitting on a soft squeezy wrist rest!

PUK is the perfect size to throw at offce juniors. Once hockey is always an option too...

Company- customised PUK's, what better corporate gift!?

You can order the PUK from us at info@big97.com.

For more information regarding the prices, please, send your inquiry to info@big97.com.

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