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In order to perform successfully the tasks related to design and manufacturing of moulds with regard to contemporary requirements it is necessary to apply a complex approach to solve problems. We perform that by means of implementation of advanced technologies and modern equipment, analysis and calculation software, as well as by means of high proficiency of the company employees.
We have a long-term experience in design and manufacturing of instrumental equipment with different complexity.

  • Injection moulds,

  • Stamps,

  • Press moulds,

  • Casting patterns

BIG AD offers the complete cycle of activities from design to manufacturing of moulds and stamps.

We have perfect production capabilities to meet all your requests.

Our company is led by the principle of maximum implementation of our clients’ requirements.

Design and manufacturing of stamps, press moulds and other technological equipment is realized by implementation of modern CAD/CAM systems and high-precision machining equipment.

We offer a complex solution of all issues related to design and manufacturing of press moulds and stamps.

Our company guarantees European quality in manufacturing of press moulds and stamps.






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