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Factory workshops for production of workpieces for drills and cutting machines

The production of workpieces for drills and cutting machines is separated in two factory workshops. In one of the factory workshops are located completely automatic machines ("R&F") for rough grinding and fine grinding of details.
In the other factory workshop are installed automatic grinders for rough and finishing grinding ("Undercut", "NIB", "ROD Grinder", "Flexstep").
In this factory workshop are also located the automatic grinders, used for production of the initial or so called starting workpieces "RAW material", as after that the material is subjected to the subsequent operations until it reaches the required form and dimensions.

Metalworking factory workshop

The metalworking factory workshop of BIG AD has modern technical facilities for the production of wide range of mechanical products – injection moulds, stamping machines, compression moulds and non-standard equipment.
A closed production cycle is provided.
The metalworking factory workshop has a preparation area (universal lathes and cutting machines, band saw), grinding area (surface grinding machines, circular-grinding and coordinate grinding machines, punching area (coordinate-, columnar- and radial punching machines), cutting machine area (“Deckel”, “Aciera”, “Mazak”), erosion area (Wire Electrical Discharge Machines, Volume EDM and a fitter’s area (with specialized zones for assembly and a lot of specialized instruments

A factory workshop for production of binding wire

In the factory workshop are located machines, manufacturing binding wire, type Wire-О ® (“Deswood Precision Limited”) having the following dimensions: 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1". Our production facilities also include manual and automated closers (BB43, WOB, Тri-O), which are used for binding of pocket-books, catalogues, notebooks, multisheet calendars, etc. by means of binding wire.

Injection-moulding workshop
BIG АD possesses an area for serial production of plastic details and for testing of extrusion forms. The area is equipped with highly technological extrusion machines ЕNGEL optimised for the production of high-quality technical details. The machines are equipped with peripheral units for precise temperature control of the extrusion forms, drying of the materials, automated dosing of colorants and management of hot channel systems.
We produce items from 1 gr. to 500 gr. and the ready parts may also be produced using moulds, provided by the customer.
We offer ENGEL extrusion machines with closing force of up to 250 tons; volume of injection moulding – up to 500 gr., at maximum dimensions of the instruments - 640 mm х 620 mm. We can produce plastic items using your moulds or to produce new moulds for you.





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